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Despite living my life always following the “rules” and doing all the "right" things , I found myself in a familiar pattern of unhealthy relationships, a stalled career path and a consistent sense of overwhelm, disappointment and frustration.

While I looked “fine” on the outside (and even better on social media), I was utterly unsatisfied, stuck, stagnant, and lost…No matter what I did or tried, NOTHING seemed to change. I was, in a word, exhausted.

So I did what I knew to do, what I was always taught to do, I tried ‘harder’. And got nowhere. Or nowhere new anyway. Or at least nowhere new for all that long.

It wasn’t until I finally realized that my subconscious mind wasn’t in the same board meeting as I planned out how I wanted my life to be different. It apparently slept in when I was deciding what I wanted out of my life and how I wanted my life to look. And since it skipped the planning meetings, my subconscious mind continued to operate off an old training manual.

My subconscious mind was running my life based on old beliefs and old belief systems- and it was totally screwing me! No matter how hard I consciously tried to change myself and my life— I was ending up with the same results.

That is, until PSYCH-K® came along…I was finally able to break free from those old beliefs and belief systems that were ultimately holding me back. I got my subconscious mind back on board and my life (and my business) catapulted forward.

I am honored you are here. I am honored to share a little bit of my story and honored to walk this journey with you.






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